What To Stock Up On In March

You could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not knowing what to stock up on each month. Quick list of what to stock up on in March and what you should be on the lookout for so you don't miss out on those deals!

In order to save the most amount of money, you want to stock up when things are at their rock bottom prices. This month you’ll find some really great deals! What To Stock Up On In March Frozen food continues to be on sale. Things like frozen meals and entrees, veggies, side dishes, desserts, and{Read on…}

Frugal Friday Link Up Party {Week 29}


Have you seen the new Facebook page? I just started it this week and it’s doing fantastic….everyone is loving it and completely engaged. I’m loving getting to know you guys and share things that you will find helpful. It’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t already checked it out and “liked” it, I’d encourage{Read on…}

How I Dropped My Alexa Score Over 16 MILLION Points in 2 Months

Complete report full of everything you need to know to drastically improve your Alexa score including 4 never heard of game-changing tricks that will drop your score faster than you will believe is possible!

Is your Alexa score too high? Not getting the sponsored posts and media attention you want? The problem may be your Alexa score. The truth is that your Alexa score plays a vital role in whether you land that gig or get the attention you want. Your blog could have the best content on the{Read on…}

Free Blank Online Calendar March 2015

Free Editable March 2015 Printable Calendar

From menu planning to kids school work, to organizing your life and everything in between, these calendars are perfect for your life. They are completely editable online! Customize them however you want so you can use them for anything! Enjoy! Free Blank Online Calendar March 2015 Looking for the rest of the year? Here are all{Read on…}

Ways to Keep Winter Costs Low

If you are struggling to get a handle on your winter heating costs, these seven strategies are great ways to keep winter costs low.

Guest post by Jessi from The Budget Mama. Trying to save money on your winter heating costs can be a challenge, especially when the temperatures drop significantly. Over the years, my hubs and I, have had to come up with a few different and sometimes creative ways to keep our winter heating costs low so{Read on…}

Does God Really Care About Your Money?

Did you know that approximately 800 verses in the Bible talk about money or that Jesus talked more about money than he did about Heaven and Hell combined? God cares a great deal about our money, but the reason why, just may shock you!

When it comes to making and spending money, that’s one equation that most people frequently leave God out of. Other than a line in the budget for tithing or the occasional financial support for a worthy company, He’s pretty much non-existent in the day to day affairs of expenses. Yet, when you read the Bible,{Read on…}

Free Printable Countdown Easter Calendar – 2015

I get really antsy waiting for the day to come when we get to celebrate Easter. If you (or your kids) are like me, this free printable countdown Easter calendar is for you!

I thought it would be a really fun thing you can do with your family: Free Printable Countdown Easter Calendar Easter is a very special day in our home. For one, it’s my favorite day of the year. Yes! Jesus is risen, He proved He is Lord for all to see. And of course, who{Read on…}

10 Cutest St. Patrick’s Day Baby Girl Pieces

Dress your baby girl in the cutest accessories this year for Saint Patrick's Day.

Dress your baby girl in the cutest accessories this year for Saint Patrick’s Day. She will look absolutely adorable in these cutest St. Patrick’s Day baby girl pieces. 10 Cutest St. Patrick’s Day Baby Girl Pieces St. Paddy’s Day Headband Baby Lime Green Bling Heart St. Patrick’s Day Bodysuit with Tutu Headband White & Kelly{Read on…}

Frugal Friday Link Up Party {Week 28}


If you like to follow me on Facebook, there’s a big change you’ll want to note. Due to technical difficulties with my current Facebook page, I’m forced to move over to a new one. I know, sad right?!?! I’ll be transitioning over to the new one this week, so you’ll see less activity on the{Read on…}

31 Days to a Better Marriage

Change your marriage...change your life. 31 Days to a Better Marriage will do both!

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when CBS contacted me and wanted me to be on the Rachael Ray show, but the truth is…there is something far more important to me than that. It’s you! How does my being on Rachael Ray help you? Okay, it’s great, you learn a new tip and that’s fantastic…but{Read on…}

How to Organize Your Home Office for Free

if you are like many people, your home office can quickly spiral into a disorganized mess. If you are looking to bring some order to the chaos, here's how to organize your home office for free.

If you are blessed enough to work at home or at least have a central place where you take care of all your home interests, you probably have a home office. And if you are like many people, this place in your home can quickly spiral into a disorganized mess. If you are looking to{Read on…}