Frugal Friday Link Up Party – Add Your Links!

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Welcome to the Frugal Friday Link Up Party! This week has seriously flown by. I don’t even know where it went. I’m preparing to send my little ones back to school on Monday (mixed emotions about that; happy for them as they love school, but sad I won’t be with them all day now). We{Read on…}

7 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Re-Grow For a Second Harvest

7 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Re-Grow For a Second Harvest #regrowgarden

Fresh produce can cost a pretty penny to keep in your home. Did you know that you can actually re-grow some of the same produce you buy for a second time? Most of the time, it doesn’t even require any special skills or a warm time of year! Here are some fruits and vegetables you{Read on…}

Free Blank Online Calendar – September 2014

Free Blank Online Calendar - September 2014

I love making and printing my own calendars. They save me a ton of money because I use them so much, especially for blogging. They are also great for homeschooling, school, or anything organizing related. Get your free blank online calendar below or click here to get the rest of the year. Want the designed calendars for{Read on…}

Best Guacamole Dip – Super Easy Homemade Recipe

Best Guacamole Dip - Easy Homemade Recipe |

I love guacamole, but only if it’s made right. Here’s a seasoning blend that you can make up in advance, put it in a shaker bottle and whenever you want fresh guacamole, just add the seasoning mixture to your fresh mashed avocado to taste. Super simple and super tasty! Best  Guacamole Dip Seasoning Mix 8{Read on…}

Are You Tired of Spending So Much on Groceries?


Me too! So, when I saw this deal, I jumped on it. It’s currently $2.97 and the price will be going up $1 every few hours! This is ONE DAY SALE, so you’ll definitely want to grab it asap.  Crystal from Money Saving Mom presents: Grocery University      

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Thrift Store Shopping Tips #thriftstoretricks

Most people know that thrift store shopping is an excellent way to save money on everything from household goods to children’s clothing, but do you know the secrets to saving EVEN MORE at thrift stores and getting the best value for your dollar? Here are some tips to help you as you head out to go thrift store{Read on…}

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

I came across this great video and wanted to share it with you. There are so many things you can do with essential oils from replacing medicines, to living a much greener lifestyle, and today Dr. Hill will show you how you can do some Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils. Now bear in mind, that{Read on…}

What Does The Bible Say About Divorce?

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce? #christiandivorce

I never had the opportunity, I guess you could say, to research this subject like I have now. I married when I was 19 and was married for 14 years. We had our problems like any other couple does, but after I gave my life to Christ 4 years ago, I had no idea the{Read on…}

Staples Coupon Deals Matchups: 8/17 – 8/23

Staples Coupon Deal Matchups

I love Staples. Our family saves a ton of money on office supplies by shopping at this store, but they also have a lot of things you wouldn’t think an office supply store would have! Therefore, I can really maximize my savings on many of the products I use, not JUST office supplies. *Items in{Read on…}

Frugal Friday Link Up Party – Add Your Links!

Frugal Friday |

Welcome to the Frugal Friday Link Up Party! I’m a big fan of link up parties. I use them myself, not only to leave my links at, but to scroll through and read some great content as well. It always seems to me like the most funnest pages of a blog, are the link up{Read on…}

20 Best Labor Day Desserts

20 Best Labor Day Desserts on the Planet

Celebrate Labor Day in style with these scrumptious and fantastically tasty best Labor Day desserts on the net! Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake // Sarah Titus (included in picture) Patriotic Mashmallow Dessert // FrugalFanatic (included in picture) Cherry Vanilla All American Patties // MomOnTimeout (included in picture) Red White & Blue Dipped Oreo’s // RainingHotCoupons Red White and Blue Candy{Read on…}

7 Tips to Making a Living on eBay

7 Tips to Making a Living on eBay

After my husband abandoned our family, the first thing I did was start selling on eBay full time. I had already been selling on eBay for many years, back before eBay was even called eBay, but not full time. My goal was simply to STAY a stay-at-home-mom. It turned out to be great money and{Read on…}

Free Children’s eBooks – Christian Character {TinyPsalms}

Free TinyPsalms eBooks - Building Character with Love

I’m a huge believer in getting Scripture into our children’s minds at a very small age. I’ve been reading the Bible to my kids since they were in the womb, literally. I’m not kidding when I say my daughter came out of the womb responding immediately, every time, to Christian cartoons that I saturated her{Read on…}

How to Organize Your Crafts

How to Organize Your Crafts

Organizing your crafts can be a complete nightmare. Especially if you have several different types of crafts and projects going at once. Today, I’m sharing How to Organize Your Crafts at Smart School House. Here’s an excerpt: If you are a craft lover, you probably have crafting supplies stacked in every corner of your house.{Read on…}

DIY Craft Ideas for Kids {Fall Leaf Monogram}

DIY Craft Ideas for Kids | Fall Leaf Monogram

My daughter loves crafts; she’s quite obsessed actually. Seeing how fall is headed our way, why not take a little time to do some frugal fall crafting? I don’t like to spend a whole lot on the crafts she does. For her, it’s more about being creative and the experience and fun of it all,{Read on…}