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47 Reasons to Start a Blog

With starting up a blog being so easy and your time being your biggest investment, it’s becoming easier and easier to set up and start a blog online. And with good reason. Now with so many resources online that walk you through how to do literally everything under the sun, many people are hopping online and changing their futures forever. Here are my favorite reasons to start a blog…

Within my first year of blogging, I hit nearly a million in traffic and $10,000/month income. Being a single stay-at-home-mom that blogs has truly changed my life and it can change yours too! Here are 47 reasons to start a blog.

47 Reasons to Start a Blog

  1. You can make a fantastic living blogging
  2. You can help make a difference in people’s lives
  3. It’s REALLY fun
  4. You get a lot of free stuff
  5. It can lead to getting a book published or being on TV
  6. All the sudden, your friends think you’re “cool”
  7. You can use it as a journal to work through emotional issues
  8. It’s super easy to set up when you go through BlueHost
  9. It builds confidence when you hear how much people love your posts and ideas
  10. It’s something you can do with your friends
  11. You make more money long-term having your own blog than being a freelance writer
  12. Blogging helps you become more creative, as you’re always thinking of new ideas to bring to your blog.
  13. It changes you; you start to become a leader blogger in pjs
  14. You don’t have to get dressed up to go to work – work in your pj’s
  15. You can use it to outreach your current business. Say you’re a coach in person. Having a website online, makes your presence more known
  16. You can get a better job. Blogging is by far the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve worked pretty high up for multi-million dollar companies making boatloads of money.
  17. Learn more about other people. Their likes, dislikes, what problems plague them and how you can help.
  18. You make more friends.
  19. It increases your picture-taking skills
  20. Learn highly sought after skills like building a blog, getting traffic, SEO, networking, etc.
  21. You can create and sell a product like an eBook or course teaching something you know
  22. You get to talk to the people who inspire you. As a blogger, you have more credibility to be able to talk to the people who you absolutely adore.
  23. You get a lot of opportunities as a blogger that you wouldn’t, by not having a blog mom daughter blogging computer
  24. It’s a way to connect with your kids, spending more time with them doing DIY crafts, recipes, and fun things like that
  25. You discover more about yourself than you previously knew because your audience is going to tell you 🙂
  26. Going to blogging conferences and meeting other bloggers
  27. Always being challenged to do your best
  28. Always being inspired by life and looking at life through a camera lens, adding beauty to your life
  29. You establish a community.
  30. You get more credibility in the area in which you’re teaching in
  31. Your kids can earn better money helping you out on your blog than they could working a fast-food restaurant
  32. Learn about different cultures all over the world girl in park on computer blogging
  33. You can blog from anywhere you want
  34. When your friends are all asking you the same question, you can save time, by simply putting the information online for their reference. That is how SarahTitus.com got started!
  35. You learn more about companies, which ones are honorable and which ones are scams. This helps you become a better shopper in your personal life.
  36. You can use your influence for good. Helping the world and spreading the message of Christ.
  37. It can lead to coaching as you learn how to blog yourself. Coaching is very lucrative!
  38. It can help you become a better writer as you are writing more and more and learning things like SEO and Google optimization
  39. It helps you be less of an introvert (which I am) because you are constantly putting yourself out there.
  40. Blogging gives your life more purpose. Suddenly you are accountable to a LOT of people. blogger resume
  41. You can add blogging to your resume.
  42. You get to travel more.
  43. Your style shows through on your blog, through your design, picture making skills, etc.
  44. You get to try out new things when a company sends you something to test out.
  45. You get an amazing satisfaction when someone like Target or Marie Callender’s hires you to promote their business
  46. You can make enough money to be able to stay home with your kids instead of working outside the home
  47. You can put as much time or as little time into it as you want (how much you make is dependent on that amount of time).

Within my first year of blogging, I hit nearly a million in traffic and $10,000/month income. Being a single stay-at-home-mom that blogs has truly changed my life and it can change yours too! Here are 47 reasons to start a blog.

Have you started a blog? If so, what have been your favorite things that have changed in your life as a result of blogging.

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  1. Starting a blog is extremely rewarding. Helping others, feeling useful and making a difference in a field is what drive most people starting a blog. Of course, the financial aspect is also crucial but I think you should start blogging only if you really like the subject of your blog, blogging shouldn’t be a duty…

  2. I did think about it as have a lot to share. However one thing I don’t have a clue about is how to start and share the blog. What website can do that? Etc.
    Anyway. Amazing. Love your blogs and info. Just found I yesterday and I am addicted already. Thank you.

    • That’s great Jana, you totally should. Especially if you have a lot to share. 🙂 As far as how to share the blog, I would just start with family and friends, share your posts on social media, and the better content and pictures you have, it’ll start to take seed and grow. Not saying it’s not a lot of work, but you really would just need to get in there and do it, learning ONE step at a time.

  3. Hello, I have been reading your blog on blogging. I am on disability, i have lost half of my executive functioning planning, organizing, communication and social skills just to name a few. Could blogging be something that could be of helpful to me, what do you think? I also have other medical issue which lead to my being on disability.

    Thank you, Ellen

    • Ellen, it sounds like it might be too much on your plate to take on an endeavor like that, but ultimately, I’m not sure that anyone could answer the question except for you. :/

  4. Sarah,
    I just want to let you know that you’re one of the most inspiring bloggers I’ve read so far. For the past few months I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a lifestyle blog, but I haven’t really started working on it because I’m afraid it won’t be worth the trouble. However, after reading a few of your posts, I feel soooo inspired and ready to try.

    Thank you so much!

    Happy Holidays and a Happy 2016 for you and your family!

  5. I just started my blog under 3 months ago and it’s been such a rewarding experience so far! I’m working on monetizing it and developing traffic. I’m surprised at the strong response I’ve found in social media so quickly! Thanks for helping by writing about blogging. It’s been so helpful!

  6. Sarah, I retired after 29 years in medical practice management in 2011, not by choice. My oldest daughter and I then decided to start an embroidery business. We had everything ready to go and she had a massive stroke at age 41. So, I couldn’t continue with the business. My daughter had two girls who are now 22 and 16. We have been helping them get through school. So this is why I need to earn money. This August 20th we will be married 50 year’s and we would like to go somewhere nice. I have been trying to do mlm and have not been able to make any money at all. Do you think that I could make money by doing this and can you help me?

  7. Hi Sarah, I am 53 and am at the point in my life that I would love to stay home! I am a nurse and have been for the last 25 yrs. I was recently diagnosed with severe arthritis in my back and hip. I would absolutely love to start a blog and I must say that you have been my mentor/inspiration. I am not sure what to blog about? I love talking to people and helping them and new to the essential oils, but falling in love with them. Any suggestions? (Admiring you from Evansville, IN.) Go women!! 🙂

  8. Do you have suggestions for email services? I want to start a blog but would like an email account for just that separate from my personal email.