Every mom should have an option to stay home with her children, regardless of income

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Eighteen years ago, I began making money online. At the time, I had no clue what I was doing. Honestly, I was just bored. Years later, it would turn into the way I would support my family from home, solely on my own income. Years after that, I would start a “new-age” thing called a blog. Not knowing much about it either, within 12 months, I was making $10,000/month!

Today, I want to teach you how it’s very possible for you to do the exact same thing.

You do NOT have to be a blogger to make money from home. There are a gazillion and one ways to make a living online. In this resource guide, I hope to walk you through many of them, and as more articles come, this list will only grow.

It is my passion to help every woman who wants to stay home with her kids, to be able to do that. Sometimes, in order to quit her job or to continue staying home, she will need to make a little extra money. Sometimes, and where I deal mostly, her husband is already making a good income, but she wants to help out in that area. Whatever your path is, it’s my job here on this site, to show you the way.

Where to Begin – for those who want quick money

If you need to make money yesterday, I’d highly encourage you to look into reselling. This is THE fastest way to make money from home in my opinion.

The jist of reselling is to buy something (or get it free) and sell it again at a fair price. The difference between what you paid for the item and what you sell the item for, is your profits. You can make up to $3,000/month by doing this.

Here are some great articles that will help you get started reselling:

If you want to buy things to sell, you can look for deals at Target on their clearance shelves (or anywhere you are shopping that has a good clearance), thrift stores, yard sales, Craigslist, eBay (purchase in lots and separate them to sell), and Slickdeals.

Where to Begin – for those not sure what to do

If you’re not sure where to start or what you’d like to do to make money from home, I’ve written quite a few articles to help you find that path that you love and is profitable for your family. You can see those articles by clicking on them below:

Where to Begin – for those who want long-term, stable income

Long term, stable income is not something that comes quickly. However there are several ways to achieve this and it’s what I suggest mostly for a mom to build, because of the longevity of it.

While the payout is little to nothing the first year or so, long term, the payout is much larger. Think $3,000/month and up to $100,000/month. There are many things you can do to earn long term income. I’ve written a post about how to earn $500/month income here:

If you’re wanting to earn even more money than that long term, my highest recommendation would be blogging.

While this is not for everyone and the average blogger doesn’t make $10,000/month and more, you can still earn a fantastic income. Many bloggers earn more than $3,000/month and up on toward $6,000/month.

Your income from blogging will depend on several things:

  • How long you’ve been blogging (many bloggers making $20,000/month and more have been blogging 5 years)
  • How much time you put into your blog (I may have made $10,000/month by time I was 12 months into blogging, but I was also putting in 80-120 hours a WEEK the whole time!)
  • How well you market your posts and site (this is something is very much a learnable skill)

It’s also about relateability. You want your readers to be able to relate to you and know you. Even if it’s only in your newsletters, the more personal you are with them, the better. Obviously there are some things you don’t want to share, like phone number, address, on so on. Some bloggers chose not to use their children’s names, they use pen names for them for privacy. Just use your best judgement in that area and talk it over with your spouse, so that you’re on the same page.

Here are some articles that will show you exactly HOW I make $10,000/month to see if blogging is right for you:

If you’re thinking about blogging, here are some questions you want to ask yourself to see if it’s the right path for you:

  • Do I enjoy helping others? (blogging is first and foremost about helping others – NOT money; this is true of any business you go into for yourself)
  • Do I love to teach other people? (have to be able to teach people something they want to learn)
  • Am I willing to put in the time and a low start up cost to see greater rewards down the road? (the start up of blogging is the hardest part; you have to lay a good foundation and get a lot of good content on your blog)
  • Do I have a passion that I can show/teach others? (the more passionate you are, the better you’ll do)
  • Do I start things and quickly give up or am I motivated to keep going when things get hard? (there will be challenges, as with everything you do, you must be willing to adapt and conquer them)
  • Do I enjoy writing? (you have to write…every day; it’s part of the job)
  • How many hours can I put into blogging? (I would suggest no less than 20 hours/week. The more you put in, the faster you grow)
  • Do I want to change the world? (bloggers are huge influencers and become more so each and every day)
  • Am I willing to invest money wisely into my blog? (in order to gain traffic, you have to have good design and good content-including pictures)

Here’s an article I wrote of some things you’ll want to make decisions on before you start a blog and of course, 47 reasons You SHOULD start a blog…and don’t worry, if you are an introvert, you can still run a successful blog. After all, I’m an introvert myself! Click here to get all the info. you need to be successful if you are an introverted person.

Ready to sign up? Starting a blog is super easy and literally takes less than 5 minutes to do. Click here to get the best deal available online when you take that step, along with a full tutorial and video to help you get started. Please note: this low offer is the absolute lowest pricing they offer online. I wish it were this cheap when I started MY blog!

Right now, you can get hosting as low at $2.95! They have you pay upfront and yes, you absolutely WANT to do that, so you don’t lose your domain name forever. It’s yours and no one can take it from you for as long as you purchase it in advance (I have 9 years on SarahTitus.com!)

The pricing is as follows:

  • $2.95 for 36 months –> $106.20 (so cheap seriously! I pay that for ONE month on my blog now because my blog is so big; I’m jealous. LOL)
  • $3.95 for 24 months –> $94.80 (great deal!)
  • $4.95 for 12 months –> $59.40 (but I wouldn’t recommend this one because I see no point in starting up a blog if you’re just going to do it for a year and these prices next year WILL GO UP! Better to pay less now all at once).

Remember that you MUST click HERE in order to get this special deal and I’m not just saying that. Do your homework. The deal is a very limited offer!

To see a full tutorial (and video) of the set up process of a new site, you can click here.

And after you’re done seeing how it’s all done, you’ll want to snatch up a bag of tricks to implement on your own blog right away. Click here to read those secret jewels.

Be sure to design a logo for your blog. Here’s a site that will design a logo for you! Simply enter in the name and a few keywords. If you see one you like, you can purchase it for around $30, saving you tons of time trying to find a designer and not seeing what you’re paying for upfront.

Still haven’t a clue what you’ll write about? Not to worry. Click here to read the post, What To Do When You Run Out of Content Ideas for Your Blog. After reading that, you’ll never run out of great ideas again!

Another trick to knowing what to write about can be found here. On HubSpot, you enter in 3 nouns (any words you want) and it helps you come up with a really cool title, right, because a headline is the very first thing potential readers will see. It’s important to make a good one!

Don’t forget to write all your blogging ideas down! You’ll need to make a schedule, called an editorial calendar, to be consistent in your writing. Just try to do 2-3 posts a week to start, then add more posts as you can. You can get the 2015 free printable calendars here and the 2016 free printable calendars here.

After you get that taken care of, you’ll need an entire blog planner. My absolute favorite planner is here.

Next, you’ll want to research your competitors. One site you can do this is on Compete.com. It’s really simple to use. Just enter in the site URL you want to check out and click the various options to see more information about them.

A couple other sites to look up your competition is Alexa.com and SimilarWeb.com. Both give you different data and have different features. They will tell you things like how much traffic a site gets, where it’s coming from, where the traffic is going, are the readers male/female, how popular is the site and so on. To get a semi-accurate traffic count (nothing is 100% accurate like that, but it gives you a good idea: on SimilarWeb, multiply the visits by the page views).

Still want more recommendations? Which plug ins to install, which books are worth spending money on, where DO YOU get pictures anyway? Check out my blogging recommendations page, where I spill all that and much more.

Want sponsors to sponsor your site and throw money at you? You’ll need a low Alexa score. The lower the better. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered there too! Here’s how to Boost Your Alexa Score Organically. No tricks that will get you in trouble with Google. This is all 100% safe and sound advice.

There you have it. That should get you from just starting out to well on your way to making a fantastic income blogging!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    What a great resource! Definitely bookmarking this for future use. After reading this I realize that I need to do a much better job of planning out my editorial calendar, sticking to it and being consistent. Thanks so much for the advice!

    • Absolutely Kimi. Glad to help. 🙂 Yes, the editorial calendar is so vital to my blog. I cannot even imagine life without it! Did you see the free printable editorial calendars here? Here’s also 2016. They suck up very little ink and have plenty of space to write. 🙂

  2. Sarah,

    You are my new hero! I feel hope now where before there was none. Thank you so, so much for your generosity of spirit. I love to write, and just had no idea of where to begin. I have totally recommitted to my blog. My focal point is the retired market. There are lots of people all at loose ends now that they retire. One doesn’t realize that even if they look forward to their lives being their own, there is still a huge feeling of loss at losing the source of self-esteem that comes of being a star at their career. I know I was not prepared. So, there are a great many coping strategies to pursue, and I would like to talk about it to hopefully bring a fresh POV to life as a retiree – the reality of it.

    There would also be health concerns addressed, stress-coping mechanisms, art, music, lots of humor, how to make some money to supplement SS, best beauty products for 60+, cooking, TV recaps/movie reviews, and lots more.
    My concern in starting is that the technology is a bit overwhelming. I am assuming (hoping) that I wouldn’t have to do it all at once. I want to have nice pictures, so I get that, but there is just so much to learn!!
    Do I have to do everything at once, or can I just go to BlueHost and begin?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

    • I don’t think you have to do it all at once. Just do what you can as needed. There’s always a huge laundry list of things to do on a blog, but be sure to go through my free course here, which will share with you EXACTLY where to focus your time (and what not to do).

  3. Here is a different one for ya. I am 53, a LPN and a great nurse. I am currently working for a group of doctors, helping to assess patients to admit to our rehabilitation (Physical) hospital. I have held supervisor positions and charge nurse positions. What am I saying? I feel a calling to work from home. I am a young at heart and looking for my age. I love helping people. I get dismissed from most work at home jobs in nursing because I am not a “R.N.”. I have more knowledge in healthcare than alot of R.N.’s. My heart is in helping and serving, whatever that may be. Blogging, working at home as a nurse, crisis intervention. You are probably wondering, “why is this lady emailing me”? I feel really connected to you and your life as I have lived a similar life. I had great parents and a wonderful childhood, but the adult part is very much the same. I totally understand if you don’t respond back to me, as healthcare may not be your niche, but my fingers just started typing and my heart guided the words. I wish you so much love and happiness in this and upcoming future! Signed kindred spirits. AKA-Belinda