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Younique Giveaway – Results and Second Entry

Last week I began a giveaway and as you know, I don’t do giveaways on the blog very often. I feel like they can “cheapen” a blog’s content.

They attract traffic, but it’s the wrong kind of traffic usually.

Traffic that comes to enter the giveaway, then leaves, never to return again. That’s not the kind of traffic I want.

I want to INVEST in my audience. I want to SERVE my audience’s needs. I want to hear YOUR voice.

And you never fail to surprise me. It makes me want to cry! Thank you.

Younique Giveaway – Results and Second Entry

The last time I did a giveaway, I had many entrees over the course of a month or so, and THIS TIME, within a few HOURS, I received more entrees than I did in the whole time the previous giveaway was going on!

Now here’s the thing. The last time I did a giveaway, my traffic was WAY higher than it is now. I was on top of a huge mountain, and that mountain has stabilized a bit now.

This tells me that you guys are listening. You’re engaged with the content, you’re there. You’re not just flying by, you are there. That makes me so happy because I work so hard to be HERE for you.

So many things I could automate, but I don’t. Because I want to be here, live, for you. To serve you. To help you. To love on you. In a selfish world that shows little love for others. I want to be that person you know you can turn to that shows you that love and empathy. Your safe place.

When you’ve had a bad day, you can come here and be inspired, motivated, and encouraged.

I have absolutely LOVED reading all your comments (yes, PERSONALLY!)

In fact, the day the survey went live, I (secretly) waited up ALL night long to read my first comments. I was super excited to hear what you have to say! And since that morning, I’ve been dissecting comments.

I wanted to share a few of those results with you. You should know more about the community on this blog. You all are an AH-mazing group of very supportive women. I am quite literally THE most BLESSED blogger online to have such amazing readers. So many other bloggers deal with lots of bad stuff, and for the most part (99%), I don’t have a whole lot of trouble at all.

I appreciate you! I appreciate and value your words and what you have to say. Thank you for being a part of this!

So, with that, I’ll get started on some results thus far…

You guys have been here for some time (did I mention you’re awesome?!)

38.9% of those who took the survey, have been reading this blog a year. That is something right there. Followed by 25.7% have been reading this blog 2-3 years.

And for those of you who have been here 1 month or less, WELCOME! You’re a part of something GREAT! 🙂

You guys want to learn how to make money from home…no, you REALLY want to learn how to make money from home! Wowzer…look at that chart!

I’ve been making money from home for 18+ years now, so let’s narrow the focus down a little bit! Okay? 🙂 lol.

And, something I’m so proud of you for, next is the Christian women’s devotional. I love it so much that I can be myself on this blog and share my faith!

Not so much with the printables. Okay, we have GOT to change that A-sap, because I seriously am OB-SESSED with printables! It’s a little confusing too, because the printables link in my navigation bar is my highest clicked link on the entire page. 🙂 Hmmmm…..

24.13% of you have blogs.

75.87% of you do not have a blog or are working on starting one.

I asked that question only because I was totally curious. 🙂 Nosey little me! lol.

By far, the #1 common answer on the next question was “honesty.” Seriously guys, that just makes my month! See, in my personal life, I’m being accused of lying at my church. My friends, who should love and know me better than they do, don’t believe me.

And one day, when GOD decides, my name WILL be cleared, I promise you that, BUT, in the meantime, it’s hurtful. Because I DON’T lie.

It’s like God showing me, “It’s okay…some of your friends may not believe you, but not everybody thinks you’re a liar. Here, let me show you.” What a huge and wonderful gift this is to me right now. Thank you!

The next highest comment was about my faith. YAY!!! So glad who I am in Christ shines through the written word.

For the what do you hate section, not a whole lot of critiques. Only 13 people answered, believe it or not, and these are most of the comments.

Someone mentioned a generation discussion, oh my friend, I love, love, love older women. That is where my heart is! I have a very “old soul” and my morals are very much like that of the 50’s era or so.

Leave It to Beaver, I Love Lucy, and Andy Griffith are totally awesome shows in my book. I grew up watching old movies with my mom, so a lot of Doris Day and Hayley Mills stuff. Pillow Talk would be my favorite older movie, followed quickly by The Moon-Spinners. 🙂 If you guys haven’t seen those movies, definitely worth checking out!

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be JUST LIKE Pollyanna (played by Hayley Mills). To this day, I still always look for the GOOD in every situation. It’s what has gotten me through so much and that movie has played a major part in who I am today.

As for the prayer question, I am continually praying for you guys all the time. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. <3 These answers give me great direction in how to pray for you specifically. 🙂

So, what do you think? Is it what you thought? Is it completely different than you thought?

I’m learning a lot about you and it’s so much fun for me! I am gushing. 🙂 It’s really cool to be a part of this community online of serving and helping you with the things you’re struggling with. It is my honor!

Now, here’s your chance to earn a SECOND ENTRY in the Younique Brilliant Giveaway (here’s the reference post for that if you haven’t seen it yet).

All you have to do is answer a few more questions and you get a second entry. Isn’t that cool?!

Here’s the form below and as always, keep sharing your heart with me. I absolutely LOVE hearing it!

…and just in case you’re wondering, I may or may not be waiting up all night tonight in anticipation of your comments today too. 😉 lol.

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  1. It is so nice that you have made your life soo much better but haven’t forgotten us girls who still trying. God bless you. It must really feel amazing to actually be doing God’s work.
    You are a great lady for all you share with us.
    Thank you,

    • Tonya, I am in no way above you. 🙂 Everyday I fight the same battles, have the same hardships. Life is not a bowl full of roses for anyone. I’m in the trenches WITH you guys. <3 I definitely haven't "arrived."

  2. You have made a name for yourself in my book. It’s easy to disregard bloggers as just another voice, just a Google search result; but your open belief and walk with the Lord and your honest sharing and heart-to-heart-ness have won me over!

  3. You have inspired me to finally start the blog I’ve been putting off for a few years. I did not enter the giveaway I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all the work you so. Your story and blog is very inspiring to me.