Most Important Essential Oil to Have If You Have Kids

Most Important Essential Oil to Have if You Have Kids

So, my son is a rambunctious, normal 5 year old, but I am telling you, he is forever coming home from school with cuts and bruises and everything in between. He plays hard. He’s a boy. And while I can blame his cuts and bruises on just being a boy, if I am honest, my daughter is very much the same way. Sigh! 

Most Important Essential Oil to Have If You Have Kids

The only difference is that my daughter also comes home very cranky. Man, that girl is ALWAYS cranky when she comes home. I don’t know what it is…she loves her teacher, she has friends, loves school, but it’s like everything drops when we hit that door. Perhaps it’s because she’s tired from being so busy all day long. School is a lot to handle for such a young little person and so I am constantly battling her mood.


So here’s the trick. Whenever my kids have a scrape, a bruise, an owie, anything really, I know a lot of people like to put Lavender oil on it, and that’s great, but I love to put Helichrysum on it. It helps more, plus it helps my daughter’s mood a WHOLE LOT BETTER than something like Lavender! Seriously, I’d pay anything to help THAT!!!!! LOL.

Helichrysum is known for helping with deep intense anguish and turmoil. But one of the things I love it for is that it helps with a child being more thankful.

So your child comes home totally grumpy, unhappy, miserable, and you put Helichrsum on them, or because it’s a more spendy oil, just have them smell it!!! Within a few seconds, my daughter will be THANKFUL, instead of miserable. She will be that happy, joyful little girl that she is. Instead of seeing the world as the glass is half empty, she is thankful for her life, school, her family, home, etc.

Now, I’m sorry, I know what horrible years await me in her teens. She is only 9 now, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’ll be like when she’s a teenager. Lord, help me now! But I do know this….every oil helps your moods, it helps your family’s moods, and there is not a price I can put on helping my children be the man and woman they should become by helping their emotions.

Kids have a lot to deal with. School is HARD! School is not like when we were kids. The world gets eviler by the day, and the more I can influence, dare I say MAKE my kids be thankful and be in a good mood, I’m going to take it. What about you?

The most important essential oil to never be without if you have kids is Helichrysum. There are just so many things this oil can do! As a mom, you can literally be READY FOR ANYTHING with essential oils! Seriously, in a day and age when kids needs INSTANT relief, this meets that challenge!

One bottle of Helichrysum has 80-100 drops of oil in it. It literally lasts a LONG time as you only need 1 drop of oil per day depending on the issue. If you’re dealing with emotions like my daughter, you don’t even need 1 drop, just have the child smell the bottle!

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    • Sarah says

      Thank you Janine. What an honor to be the most popular post last week on your Oil Me Up Wednesday Blog post! :) I wonder sometimes if I’m a little crazy. When my kids get hurt, it’s 1) put the oils on 2) stop the tears 3) get the CAMERA! lol
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  1. says

    I love your before and after pictures. I have helichrysum in my herbal cupboard for when I was healing a nasty eczema flare up but never thought to apply that to cuts and wounds (don’t know why when I know it’s a powerhouse skin healer). Thanks for a great post, I’ll have to pull that baby out with the next injury.

  2. Shirley Steiniger says

    Where do you get helichrysum? I have never heard of this before?

  3. Mika says

    Hi, do you put the essential oil directly on the broken skin? Wouldnt that burn??

    • says

      Mika, great question. The fantastic thing about this oil is that it is very soothing. It will not burn the child at all. Lavender would burn more than this oil! :) If it hurts the child to dab it on the wound directly, you can make a spray bottle. 20 drops of Helichrysum oil to 2 oz of water. I’ve personally seen someone who got their face tore off with a motorcycle accident and treated it with a spray of 5 drops Helichrysum, 5 drops Myrrh, 5 drops Frankincense, and 5 drops Lavender sprayed on the wound 2-3 times a day and within 10 days, it was almost gone! No scarring. The oils are simply amazing.
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      • Anonymous says

        On the bottle I just got. It states to dilute one drop to 4 oz…but doesn’t say what. I have major upcoming surgery. That is why I bought it for bruising . Would love to know how ppl are using it.

        • says

          Great question. They are referring to doTerra’s Fractionated Coconut Oil, but if you don’t have any of that, you can use any oil, even kitchen oil (it would be greasier so be aware of that for clothing). Fractionated Coconut is not greasy liek that. After it soaks into the skin, about 1 minute, you can wipe off the excess ‘grease.’ Just so it gives the oil enough time to soak in your skin and work. If you have grapeseed oil, flax oil, canola oil, any type of oil. That would be for a very large bruise. You could also mix one drop of oil with lotion to avoid the greasiness. You would use something like another oil or lotion if you want to cover a larger spot, like if the bruise is big. Otherwise, if it’s the size of a hand palm fist or smaller, you don’t need to worry about diluting it. Just 1-2 drops over the surface of the bruise. For bruises, Lavender and Helichrysum work the best. :) On my daughters leg in the picture, I used Lavender for that one. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions! :) Will be praying for your surgery.
          Sarah recently posted…Spring Cleaning with Essential OilsMy Profile

  4. says

    My grand sons are always hurting themselves and each other. My grandson smashed his head into the corner of a wall yesterday and cracked it open. I wish I had some of these oils then. We should get some oils for them. Actually, I’m kind of a klutz too, so I could probably use some too.
    Kathleen recently posted…Tips and Tricks 5/20My Profile

    • says

      Sorry to hear about your grandson. I’m a firm believer in being prepared, however, in some cases, it’s good to see a doc, like in your case. A head injury could be serious. Oils can do a lot of really amazing things, but always best to be balanced in seeing docs when needed. Of course, only you know the severity of the injury. Hope he is doing better now.

      My kids are klutz’s too. lol. I always have bandades, Lavender, Frankincense, and of course Helichrysum on hand with me at all times.
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  5. Laulau says

    Will this oil work on old scars? I’ve one which dates back to many years ago and should have been stitched but wasn’t (now there’s a weird grove on my shin) and another which dates back from a fall of a motorcycle 3 years ago. As this one is on my ankle, the skin is very thin and it’s kinda show through (ugh!)
    Also, is there a risk of allergies with this oil? I look after kids who are accident prone and this would come in handy!

    • says

      Laulau, it is supposed to work on old scars as well. I don’t see why it wouldn’t, though I’ve not personally had experience to tell you “yes it does, I’ve seen it happen.”

      There are no known allergies to this oil. Some people are allergic to things like Lavender and many times, it’s really just a reaction to an oil claiming 100% purity but has chemicals in it and what they are really allergic to is one of those chemicals. So, they swear off Lavender forever. There are very, very few cases where someone is allergic to a truly 100% pure oil. Again, most other brands claim purity, but there’s a reason DoTerra is the #1 selling essential oil in the world. :) They are pure and back it up with 3rd party testing. I wouldn’t personally have any trouble bandaging up a child’s wound with the oil that wasn’t my child, but I can’t tell anyone else what to do. :) Hopefully that makes sense.
      Sarah recently posted…Giveaway: DoTerra Essential Oils Family Physician Kit {$166 Value}My Profile

  6. Megan W says

    Great Post! Just a side note to add; while doTerra only has the one option for Helichrsyum, other companies actually have two kinds: Helichrysum italicum, and Helichrysum gemnocephalum, and it’s the Helichrysum italicum that has the amazing healing properties. Just a good thing to know! :) I’ve started preaching to all of my friends about the wonders of essential oils. They’re changing my life!

  7. says

    Visiting from Turn It Up Tuesday. Great information. I love essential oils. I like that I’m learning about the benefits of a new one today with you! Thank you!
    Serena recently posted…Carrot CupcakesMy Profile

  8. Peter says

    Thanks for a great post and pictures!
    My father-in-law burned his arm while cooking dinner. He immediately applied lavender oil to the burn but felt no relief from the pain. I had him apply helichrysum to the burn and he was all amazed. He thought lavender was the go-to oil for burns; now, he turns immediately to helichrysum.

  9. says

    I couldnt navigate the website you linked so I googled it, normally I order from New Direction Aromatics and I see that is is $45 for a SAMPLE size through New Direction Aromatics! Wow! Is it cheaper through the link you gave and how do I get to it on that page?

    • says

      Kaela, great question. doTerra recently changed their website. You’ll click “SHOP” in the top navigation bar and then follow the prompts. You’ll get to a page where you see their products. It’s under essential oils. I’m not sure how big a sample is with New Direction Aromatics, but doTerra’s bottle has 250-300 drops in that 5ml bottle and it’s only a little more in price than that, so WAY cheaper. Let me know if there are any hiccups getting to the page.
      Sarah Titus recently posted…What to Stock Up on in MayMy Profile

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