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Using Your Freezer to Save Time and Money

Most people have a money-saving machine right in their homes that they may be unaware of. It’s the freezer! Did you know that your freezer isn’t just for storing ice and frozen convenience foods, but it can actually save you a lot of time in the kitchen and save you money in your grocery budget? Here are some tips for using your freezer to save time and money.

I'm a convenience girl through and through, but using your freezer to save time and money couldn't be any easier. Find out how easy it really is and get a free printable of what you can and shouldn't freeze!

Using Your Freezer to Save Time and Money

Do freezer cooking

This is a simple concept that involves taking a couple of hours each week and doing as much prep work as you can for several meals for that week. This is perfect for you if you are busy and especially if you like to use your slow cooker. This saves you both time and money by allowing you to plan for the meals ahead of time.

Buy produce in season and freeze it for later

Many types of produce freeze very well. If you use lots of chopped or diced onions, for example, you can cut them up ahead of time and freeze them for later use. Not only is this a healthier option, it allows you to buy fruits in season for smoothies and desserts later and it makes sure you get things at the very best price at the peak of the season.

Cut down on food waste

The freezer is a perfect place to “pause” the process of food going bad before you get a chance to use it. Some things you can put in your freezer to save you from food waste include milk (to be used in cooking), bananas (to be added to pancakes, banana bread, and smoothies) bread slices (croutons), and lunch meat (to be added to casseroles). You can also freeze leftovers for later snacks and meals.

Frozen Foods List - What to freeze and what not to freeze

Download this free frozen foods do’s/dont’s list to put on your fridge here.

Make frozen convenience foods yourself

There is nothing simpler than pulling out a breakfast burrito from a box and sticking it in the microwave for meals on the go. You can spend up to $1 each on these, or you can cut that price in half or more by making them yourself and placing them in individual portions in your freezer. My favorite is making english muffins with sausage and cheese. They freeze very well and you just wrap them in aluminum foil and place them in the english muffin baggie they came in! Super simple, quick, and tasty.

Buy meat in bulk right from the source

If you have the extra space for a small space freezer, invest in one for this money-saving trick. You can buy cuts of meat from the farmer directly, a local butcher shop, or my personal favorite, through Zaycon Fresh. All these options are often A LOT cheaper than the store. If you don’t have a large chest freezer, consider buying a large amount and splitting the cost with some family or friends so you can all rake in the savings.

Use your freezer effectively

One way to waste time and money is to not use your freezer the proper way in the first place. Never place hot food in it, stack food to the top, or place food in that has not been properly stored. Make sure you double wrap items that are prone to freezer burning and keep a good stock of what you have so things do not get buried and forgotten about.

You’ll also want to label your frozen food by stating what the item is and the date you put it in there. This will help you not only identify what’s going in the freezer, but also to know when you need to eat it by.

Another trick that many people do not know is that the fuller your fridge and freezer are, the less energy your appliance takes to keep your items cold. Having your freezer full instead of empty, will save on the life of your freezer as well as your energy bill!

What are your favorite money saving freezer tricks and tips?


I'm a convenience girl through and through, but using your freezer to save time and money couldn't be any easier. Find out how easy it really is and get a free printable of what you can and shouldn't freeze!

This post was underwritten by Zaycon Foods.

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  1. Great tips Sarah! We bought our chest freezer a year ago and it’s totally worth the investment. I stock mine with freezer meals and also stock up on frozen goods when they are on sale. Great printable!

  2. I’ve actually found pasta, rice and grapes to freeze really well!
    Also, frozen grapes make an awesome snack. It’s the only way I’ll eat them now.

  3. What is freezer cooking? You mention it, but don’t explain it. I would assume from the name that it means to somehow cook using the freezer, which I’m sure is impossible, but then it says something about a slow cooker.

    • Great question. Freezer cooking is making a big batch of something and separating it into smaller meals, then freezing it. For example, if you’re making burritos for dinner, instead of making enough for just that nights’ meal, why not make a batch for 3 more nights all at once? It will waste less food (using up all the ingredients) and 4 dinners are done. 🙂