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3 Biggest Tricks to Save Money on Meat

I like meat just as much as the next person, but I’m not about to spend $6/pound for a cut of steak.

It's not easy saving money on meat, but with these 3 superstar tricks, your budget will definitely thank you!

Here’s a couple tricks I’ve learned over the years that save me the most amount of money on meat.

1) Buy in bulk from a meat store.

Often times you can purchase half a pig, half a cow, etc. and get the meat super cheap. Where I like to get my meat, they have a meat pack that is $100. It is 45 pounds of meat. Included is bacon, steak, hamburger, pork, chicken, etc. It’s a very nice, well rounded meat pack. This is what saves me the most, but the downside is you have to have a freezer to store it. Alternatively, you can go in on the meat pack with a friend.

2) Albertson’s meat department sales.

Most Albertson’s have a fresh meat department, and what they don’t sell that day, they package up and put on the store shelves, and price it. Now, some stores, at the same time they price it, they also discount it to $1.99/lb. It goes really fast, so you’ll want to be sure and check what time of day they do this. In the town nearest to me, they do this at 6pm every day. Sometimes, they have only 5 pounds left over, sometimes they have 20 pounds. A few trips to the store for a few days at the specified time will score you a months’ worth of meat at a fraction of the price, and the freshness is amazing.

Every time I’m in an Albertson’s store, I check their meat, because I know most of the time, I find it for a really great deal. Albertson’s has other meats usually discounted too, even in the lunchables / pre-packaged meats section. Last time I went there, they had sausage links for $1.99 with $1.50 peelie coupons on them! Definitely a stock up price if there ever was! They put white peelie sticker coupons on the meats they want to get rid of quickly and the coupons need to be kept on packages and the checker takes off the coupon as she’s ringing you up. It is a fabulous way to save money on meat if you’re not looking to buy in bulk.

3) Zaycon Foods

Zaycon is basically a drop shipper. They come into your town every now and then. They will email you before they come to a city near you and let you know they’re coming. Then, they will take orders until the time they arrive. I have purchased from them before, and the meat is some of the choicest of meats. It is all very, very cost effective. Skinless boneless chicken breast usually runs  $1.89/lb and they have other products as well. You buy it in bulk, so you’ll want to make sure and have the room in your freezer or split it with a friend. Just type in your zip code and they will let you know when they will be in your area.

It's not easy saving money on meat, but with these 3 superstar tricks, your budget will definitely thank you!

How do YOU save on fresh meat?

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  1. There is an independent butcher shop near me. They have meat on sale all the time and I stock up. If the major chains are having a sale on say t-bones, then this shop will buy the other cuts and sell them cheaply. If Kroger has t-bone for $6.99 per pound, then I am getting ribeyes at the meat market for $4.99.
    Plus, they offer bulk discounts and discounts for buying in halves (half a cow, half a pig, etc.). I can stock up on meat for an entire month’s worth of meals for $75 there.

    • Thank you for posting. Meat markets are such an awesome way to save money on meat. Unfortunately, we don’t have one here. There is one about 30 miles away, but it’s not cheap by any means, like $4.99/pound hamburger! 🙁

  2. I can’t believe the prices on lean ground beef, chicken, and turkey. Which I use a lot of. At different store on different weeks they will have things like London Broil, whole Chicken or Turkeys on sale. I keep an eye on sales papers for when and where that is. I requested and got a very good quality meat grinder for Christmas. I collect these meats and put them in my big freezer over a couple months time. . When I get a large amount of them and needing more ground or chunks of meat I make a day of it. I cut them up, taking out all the fats I see (I want nice lean meat) and grind most of it but leave some in chunks. Bag them, and seal them with my Food Saver. I try to make them around a pound in each bag. Then put them in the freezer again. I find this is much healthier and cheaper way to go. It was hard getting started but if i keep at it and keep an eye on how much I have left each week and it really works. Those that have time, maybe this will work for you. 🙂

  3. I LOVE finding discounted meat. I have found that stores like WalMart and Target also do this. I stock up when I run across these deep discounts.

    Another way I save on meat is to make a lot of casseroles and use half the amount of meat that the recipe calls for. I don’t want all my meals to have meat as the main component…that gets toooo expensive. I use veggies, rice or pasta as fillers.

    • Sarah, yes, these are perfect examples of saving money. I do the portion control as well. 🙂 Yesterday I went to Albertson’s to get some hamburger they usually have discounted and there wasn’t any. So, we won’t have that meal this week. I refuse to overpay. I’m stubborn like that. lol.

      • I recently found out smaller portions are just fine! I’ve almost mastered the “Just enough for 1 night’s meal plus 1-2 leftover portions.” Also I use the marinades for shoulder cuts etc which makes the final cook meat versions soo tender, family has no idea I substituted prime meat cuts for other less desirable cuts.