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Save $160/year on Salon Costs with One Simple Trick

I like a very particular hairstyle for my hair. I like to have long layers. Seems pretty simple, but since I moved from state to state and left my amazing hair stylist behind, it had been two years of going to several different hair salons and no one seemed to be able to get it right. It doesn’t seem that hard, I thought. I’ve seen my old stylist cut my hair for years, I bet I could do it! That thought echoed in my mind and was the beginning of my earning $160/year every year since then.

cut salon costs

You see, I don’t believe that you need a J.O.B. to create resources for your family. No way. I believe that every penny you save, that my friend, is INCOME! It’s not going out; it’s coming and staying in. It’s IN-COME!

So brave little no-hair-salon-experience-what-so-ever me, went on YouTube and found a couple how-to video’s. I tried one; didn’t care for it, but this one, I totally fell in love with. She made it seem so easy and I thought to myself, “I could do that.”

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But was I REALLY going to cut my own hair? If you know me, I’m totally a hair salon snob. Only the BEST for me. High end, upscale, nothing less. To me, my hair is worth it. I figured, eh, what the heck. If I totally mess it up, I can just go in to the hair stylist, tell her my daughter got ahold of the scissors and cut my hair (totally kidding!) What did I have to lose? Oh yeah, $160/year! 😉

My first time went shockingly well. I sat there so very proud of myself (and looking fabulous by the way!). The very first time I cut my hair in my entire life, it came out BETTER than any hair stylist had done in the previous TWO YEARS! Tell me THAT’S not a confidence booster! 🙂

It’s not for everyone, I get it, but for me, it’s worked out great. I’ve been saving money and cutting my own hair ever since!

A couple follow up tips I’ve learned. Style your hair after you cut it as you normally do. I like to straighten my hair afterwards, no heat protectant, and I don’t wash it for 2 days. It seems that for me, not only does styling my hair after I’m done cutting it, allow me to ‘check my work’ and I can see if something needs to be cut to perfect the haircut, but it also sets my hairstyle how I like it. It’s like training my hair to do what I want it to do. It’s like your hair says, “Yes, I will be beautiful for you,” and maybe that is why I seem to have a lot of good hair days. 🙂

Lesson learned: Through adversity comes success. Through trials comes perseverance. Through courage comes beauty!

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  1. I still get my own hair done professionally (though I do trim it in order to stretch out the time between sessions) but I cut my husband’s hair for him! He says that I do it a lot quicker than the barber does. Plus, it saves us money!

  2. YouTube tutorials are amazing for this type of thing! I’ve learned how to do so many expensive salon treatments perfectly just from watching videos and practicing a lot on my own.

  3. @ Meredith – Those are great ideas. Before I started cutting my own hair, that’s how I saved money too. It really does add up! I also cut my kids hair to save money. I always get compliments on her hair cut, so must be working out good. 🙂
    @ Serina – I love YouTube as well. There are so many great things we can learn on there. I’ve saved so much money by looking up how-to’s on there. Fixed my clogged bathroom sink, etc. They make it seem so simple, and a lot of things really are. Would have cost me at least $100 to have a repairman out and it only took me about 10 mins start to finish! Also seems to be empowering to accomplish something. Knowledge is power. 🙂

    • This is an EXCELLENT article! I have a few more tips as well. 🙂

      This is VERY do-able and simple/easy when you get used to it.

      I have hair down to the bottom of my rump, I have been cutting my own hair for about 7-8 years. I used to cut it myself when it was short, about 20 years ago, because the stylists kept giving me a very butch hair cut and I hated it.

      Every salon visit left me butchered and even though I was trying to grow my hair I would get trims every few months and every time it ended up setting me back inches of growth.

      There are many youtube tutorials, for those who like layered hair. Look for a video called the “compact cut.” I love these videos, also…google Feye’s Method. It’s very informative!

      Once you try it a couple of times, it becomes old hat and you will build up your confidence. Ask a friend to take a picture of the back of your hair so you can see how even it is (assuming you want a blunt cut, I prefer a U or a V shape) but you can enlist a trusted friend to trim or even the ends, or get a Crea Clip (the Crea Clip looks like a potato chip bag holder but you put it on your hair, slide to where you want it to be a trim away without taking off too much).

      I also cut my husband’s hair, basically we use clippers and in the summer we do a 1/4 shearing and in the winter we do a 1 inch cut. Even if you spend $20 and use the clippers 10 times, you have saved at minimal $80 on haircuts (assuming he can get a cut for $10).

      • Very true. I used to cut my ex-husbands hair and cut my son’s as well. Thank you for the tips. I’ll have to look into the Crea Clip. Sounds like it would help a great deal! 🙂

  4. we are lucky enough to have a school teaching hair cuts, color, etc at a discount price that we visit.

  5. I think its admirable to cut your own hair, but I wouldn’t be able to on mine. I have an asymmetric style- pixie on one side and the back, and long coming to a point on the other. The pixie part is all cut choppy as well. Not willing to attempt that one!