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7 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

While many people often spend a ton of time focusing on coupons, special sales, and the hottest deals of the week when it comes to savings, we know it goes much farther than that. Saving money for your family isn’t just about hunting down the next deal, in fact, when I used to do that, I actually ended up spending MORE money! I’d see a fantastic deal that I couldn’t resist and I justified it in my mind, “Oh, it’s on sale. I have to get it.”

I live extremely well on only $18k/year, so I could have easily made this post 1,000 easy ways to save money every day, but here are my top tips that will help you cut expenses every single day.

Rather, it is about making small, lifelong changes in your home. Here are 7 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day that are easy to implement into your daily life. While not all of these ideas will work for every family, you’ll easily find some tips that are simple changes you won’t even notice and feel like your sacrificing.

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I live extremely well on only $18k/year, so I could have easily made this post 1,000 easy ways to save money every day, but here are my top tips that will help you cut expenses every single day.

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  1. I love what you said about cooking from scratch. I love using my crockpot to cook a large batch of beans and then separate into 2 cup containers to freeze for future meals. Plus I love using the crockpot for soups and pulled pork and lots of other recipes. Cooking from scratch not only helps you save money over buying convenience foods, but it is also much healthier. Win win!

    • Yes! Cooking from scratch is fantastic. Healthier and saves money, just like you said. I think if a person is new to it, take one ingredient that you buy and make it from scratch, then another. So, each week, I am trying to take one thing I buy (this week was Ragu alfredo sauce) and make it myself. We love to cook here so it’s a lot of fun. 🙂

  2. This is a great article. My wife and I are cooking from scratch a lot more and making healthier food choices for our family at the same time.
    We are enjoying the wealth of information on your site. Thank you.

  3. I quit my job about two months ago. A job I worked 72+ hours a week! I was raking in the dough but was hemorrhaging money on my little time off because I thought I “deserved” it. I started my own Laser Teeth Whitening Business and found a salon that lets me have my own teeth whitening suite on a commission basis. I only have to be there when I have clients. It was very scary to have so much time. I felt guilty for not raking in money like I had. However I’ve been working maybe 15 hours a MONTH and able to save more money than I did working 72+ hours a week. You’re site has really helped me to separate money from happiness. I was so unhappy working so much and having such little to show for it. Money is a renewable resource! Time is NOT! Having the freedom to make a penny stretch and the time to be creative on how I make my money has been the biggest blessing! I live in South Carolina and only made it home to North Carolina once in the two years I worked 72+ hours a week. I’ve been working on my own terms for 2 months and have already been on vacation to Atlantic City. Time is so much more valuable than a dollar. I can now research and make informed decisions about money instead of throwing it out the window because I always felt rushed! I don’t have any children but I do have a pug! I feel like a stay at home Pug Mom and I love it. I love your site and the enthusiasm you have for making what so many think is so little but in return you are getting time with your family which is so much more valuable. You rock! Thanks again for your unashamed frugal-ness. Top investors could learn something from you!

    • Thank you for sharing Kamden. There is definitely a balance for sure. Being a single mom, I have to provide for my family, so the kids don’t get AS much of me as I’d like, but, they get 4 hours more a day with me than if I had a traditional job. I love what you said about money being a renewable resource and time is not. That is very, very true!

  4. You’re right in saying that saving money is more about lifestyle changes than just hunting for deals. It takes practice and dozens of changed habits to really see the fruits of your hard work.

    Saving is also only half the battle. If you really wanna Jumpstart your finances, try finding a few new ways to make a little extra along with what you save.

    Good luck to you and all the readers!

  5. Your comment, about saving money is more about lifestyle changes than looking for sales, makes so much sense to me. I really like sales, but I realize I can save by doing more of my own sewing, etc. Thanks for these seven great tips,

    • Elva, I’m glad you can relate. 🙂 I have found myself spending far too much, going overboard, and getting caught up in deals and sales, buying into the hype that I was saving money. The truth is that if you miss a deal, you can usually find another one shortly after. The deals will always be there….my money may not be if I spend too much. There has to be a balance. Yes, buy things when they are on sale, but guard yourself too.

  6. It really is the small things that add up to make such a huge difference in the long-run. By cutting back a little bit each day you can really start to save some extra cash each month. I wish I was a better cook so that I could cook from scratch or come up with unique recipes with the items we have in our pantry.

  7. Sarah,I would love your Alfredo recipe. I have made Alfredo sauce myself and it is very expensive. It’s super tasty but very expensive. The cheese alone, wow! Thanks in advance. Janice