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Blogging Resources

Run a search on Google for blogging tips and you’ll find a gazillion of them. Many of them teaching bad advice, yet others solely copying everyone else’s work and passing it off as their own.

How do you find solid blogging advice online without getting scammed?

The truth is that it takes a while to learn and grow enough to be able to spot the fakes.

In this list, I’ve put together the best resources that I’ve personally come across and taken out all the guesswork for you! Does that mean this list is the end-all, know-all list? No. There are some programs I’m not aware of or haven’t gone through, but these are the solid companies and programs that you can trust…

Blogging Resources


I rarely ever like to say anything negative about a company. Usually I just keep my mouth zippered, but it IS my job to prevent you from making the same mistakes I did. With that said, I would not and can not encourage anyone to go through GoDaddy (they got me hacked when I first started blogging) or HostGator (had a lot of downtime issues, and bad customer support).

The two that I would recommend are:

BlueHost – Surprisingly, they are the sister company of HostGator, but it must be the good sister, because they are great! LOL.

Agathon Group – This is for bloggers who get 500,000 pageviews/month and higher as they need a higher capacity host. I was able to score a deal for you with them! They are the best company out there for bigger bloggers…AND they are a Christian based company with a high moral standard!


Genesis – Genesis, in my opinion, is the must have blogging theme. It’s SEO capabilities are bar none and I absolutely LOVE it.

Restored 316 – These child themes here are so pretty, and I’ve had their themes when I first started blogging and loved them. They were very easy to work with and out of the box ready.

Most Popular Themes for Genesis (you’ll need Genesis as your parent theme and one child theme to design your website-unless you have it professional designed. These themes include Genesis in the price as a bundle if it says “+ Genesis Framework”):

  1. Foodie Theme
  2. Altitude Theme
  3. Parallax Theme
  4. Executive Theme
  5. Magazine Theme
  6. Author Pro Theme
  7. Agency Pro Theme


2017 Editorial Calendars – these are great calendars. They don’t suck up a lot of ink and there is plenty of writing space inside of the boxes. You can use them for homeschooling, meal planning, editorial calendars for your blog, just about anything. They are free to print.

The One Blog Planner You Need – of all the blogging planners I’ve come across, I personally love this one the best. It has all the sheets needed for what I want and helps keep me and my blog organized. I highly recommend it.

Books & Training

How to Start a Blog The Easy Way – Starting a blog can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re not a techy. In this video and screenshot tutorial, I’ve broken down all the steps to make it so easy, anyone can do it, even non-techy’s like me!

How to Start a Money Making Blog – Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Did you know you can make good money blogging? If you have, read this post today and find out how to start a blog with step-by-step directions.

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine – Do you wish that there was just some pro-blogger who would just give you the answers to the test? A teacher’s version cheat sheet. No frills, no fuss, no 12,000 words to read through. Direct, straight to the point answers. If so, check out this fantastic best-selling book!

Make Money Blogging: How to Find Ideas That Are Right For You – By far, the most popular book in the Sarah Titus collection, with 4,300 copies sold worldwide within its first month of release, this book answers a question that is on everyone’s mind…just how exactly DOES a blogger make money!

You want solid blogging resources and advice without the scams...I hear ya. It takes time to be able to spot the fakes. In the meantime, here's a ton of resources you can trust!

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  1. Do you know of a blog with a store that on BlueHost/Wordpress that uses a Shopify Buy Button? I want a blog with a “store” tab (so that I can sell items out of my closet). I want superb security on the site, as well as the ability to have affiliate links (so that I can earn extra money). I have been searching for hours for a sample blog, but no real luck. I almost went with Shopify and Weebly, but I’m leaning towards BlueHost. Shopify does not allow you to earn money from other companies’ affiliate links. Weebly’s ecommerce store does automatically calculate shipping or offer other things that BlueHost/Wordpress seem to offer, although both Weebly and Shopify have some great success stories. Please, help! I need some direction and guidance and real world examples.

    • It’s really just a personal decision of where you want to go in your future. If you want to make money from your blog, I always suggest BlueHost/Wordpress. I’m not familiar with the Shopify Buy Button though.

  2. I loved reading your posts for new bloggers! I’m currently in the process of starting my own blog because I’d love to stay home with my kids as well. I will definitely use this post as my go to for advice while I’m starting out!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I read on a different post of yours that you said this:
    “This entire past year, I’ve been working on Pinterest and my email list. Both are seeing incredible results, high above many others. Why? Because I’m just working on those two things, not 20 things at once.”
    Can you explain what you mean by “working on Pinterest and my email list” and explain what you’re doing with them?
    I am enjoying your posts. Thank you for providing such great insight.

    • Paige, great questions. 🙂 It would be too much to try to fit it all in a comment though, so I’ll make note of your question to share as a future post. In the meantime, there are several Pinterest posts you can check out on the blog here.

  4. Hi Sarah! Just came across your site today, and so far, I’ve found the info about blogging very helpful. I have Blue Host. I also purchased a $39.00 w\WordPress theme. I am currently in the process of trying to figure it all out and get it up and running. I really want it looking good and running nicely before I make it live.

    So, here are my questions for you. You’ve mentioned Genesis and a Child Theme. Will the theme I’ve already purchased be enough to get me started? I don’t mind upgrading- but I’ve already put money into this, and I’d like to try and make SOMETHING before I put more in on something I think is an upgraded version of what I’ve already purchased. Please, tell me if I am wrong.

    Also- Can you please explain to me what a widget is? I’ve read descriptions, but I am still confused. And, finally, would you suggest an ad or plugin from the beginning or should I wait until I’ve got some traffic on my site.

    Thank you so much for your help and insight. You truly are an inspiration, and I hope become as great at this as you are!

    • Niki, for the question about the WordPress theme, I have no idea which one you have??? But I can say that I would go with Genesis or Thesis and a child theme. Genesis is THE best in my opinion and worth every penny, especially in the way of SEO. A widget is basically your sidebar.

  5. I followed your directions on how to start and set up. I am having problems getting back in finding my dashboard. Any suggestions on what I may have done wrong or where to go for help?

  6. Thank you so much for the information that you provide here! This post has been a life saver! I have been reading your ebook and I am trying to put all of your recommendations into practice. I just got the Genesis Framework with the Lifestyle Pro theme and I am having a rough time customizing the header. I am totally self taught and I have figured out a lot, but I cannot get my logo to shift to the left. It stays right in the middle on top of a photo. It is also not responsive. You cannot see the full image on a mobile device. Any suggestions for this? Every time I think I am on a roll and ‘set’ I hit a road block. Thanks!

    • That’s great Jessica. With the error, I’m not sure without actually logging in and seeing the problem. It may have to be custom coded by a technician to have the picture AND the title there. That theme may only want you to have one at a time. Again, not sure.

  7. Dear Sarah, you are awesome! I admire you and just love you. Thank you so very much for ALL this. I am just starting my blog. No posts yet. Trying to figure it out. Thank you! You rock!

  8. I posted last night but I don’t think it went through. I’m sorry if this is the 2nd post. I work full time in the retail field and have for 20 plus years. My husband just retired and I would love to retire and travel. I am 55 years old, have 3 grown children all married and one grandson that is my life, being 5 years old and full of energy gives me so much joy. Almost 2 years ago I started as a part time Travel Consultant and I love what I’m doing but I cant help thinking that with a blog I could help other people realize that you don’t have to be rich to travel and enjoy life. There are so many beautiful places out there to see. Reading all your blogging info is so helpful to me and a lot to consume but in the long run is so rewarding helping people. I want to thank you so much and I will continue to follow you. I hope to be up and running very soon. Thank you for all the help you give myself along with so many people.

    • I think with a website, you could promote your own travel consultant services/site, but also expand and reach out past that. You could do posts on your grandchildren and traveling, like a lifestyle blog and it would fit in well with what you’re already doing and leave a legacy for future generations to see. 🙂

  9. Thank you for your resources. I have all your ebooks on blogging, and they are great resources. My question is: “Is it safe to use a plug-in that hasn’t been updated to the most current WordPress. Specifically, Fancier Author Box has only been updated through 4.2.11 but WordPress is on 4.7? Appreciate your wisdom. I still haven’t had my website designed and keep it in Maintenance Mode because I’m so afraid of messing up.

  10. I cannot thank you enough for this post. I feel like I’m not making ANY progress on my blog because every time I do research for a certain aspect that I’m trying to improve, I am overwhelmed by information. It’s so frustrating! Now I have a wealth of information in one tidy post. You ROCK!