Every mom should have an option to stay home with her children, regardless of income

A Huge Dream Becomes Reality

This week marks the one year anniversary of the finalization of the divorce.

I remember standing there in front of the judge. I had been a stay at home mom all of my kids lives, but I also knew how to make money from home. I sold on eBay to help our family when my husband was home. After he left, I turned it into a full-time business. It was doing great, making good enough income for me to pay my bills, but not something I wanted to do long term as a career. My passion was for helping people, and I honestly just didn’t see how selling toys helped people, truly made a difference in someone’s life. I also had to work it 80+ hours a week, yes a week, in order to make enough to survive without child support.

Not one person I knew believed in my dream. Maybe it was crazy, but here's how I made it happen.

My dream, my rather LARGE DREAM was to make enough money on my own FROM HOME. Enough money to support my family so that I wouldn’t have to go back to work. My goal was below poverty level, but I know what I’m capable of and how I’m good at living well on little. It seemed doable, but I didn’t know how and seemed so far off in the distance.

I stood there in that courtroom and I told the judge my dream. I told him I believed I could do it. I could work from home and make enough to support myself and my kids, but that it would take me a year to do it.

He laughed. Well not really, but I know he was on the inside. He didn’t believe me, he didn’t believe IN me. He told me that I would lose spousal support if I decided to be foolish and not get a REAL job. My lawyers begged me to reconsider and time and time and time and time again I told them, “NO.”

My family told me to “stop fooling myself and get a REAL job.” The people in my church agreed with the judge, “Just get a job, Sarah.” they said. There was a point where there was not ONE person who believed in me. Not ONE person I talked to, who would encourage me to follow my heart. Follow what I felt God wanted me to do. Not one!

Do you feel like that? Do you feel the waves crashing in? No one believes in you? You’re trying your best to follow what you feel is right and no one supports you? That is exactly how I felt, and it hurt. It hurt me more than I can express.

I looked in the mirror at my reflection and I prayed. “Lord, am I being stupid? Is everyone right?” I didn’t hear God in an audible voice, but there was something inside of me that just knew. Somehow I knew this was the path He wanted me on. It looked hopeless. It seemed impossible, but there I stood, the only one in the world who believed in myself…in God’s power in my life.

Every day, as I held on to him so tightly, I followed the still small voice in my heart, I obeyed the convictions, I followed what I felt He was leading me to do, putting one foot in front of the other and today, my friend, today I look back and GASP!

Through tears of joy, I tell you, that I make 3 TIMES what I told that judge my DREAM was! One year later, almost to the day this month, I make 3 times the amount I begged God to provide. 3 times the amount that seemed near impossible 1 year ago, and every single person in my life….has been proven wrong.

God’s glory stands. His power, His strength, His might, His character, His love, His grace, His mercy, His kindness STANDS. I walk proud, I stand tall knowing the One that makes me stand.

Listen, I will be very clear….if you are scared to take God at His Word, if you are afraid of falling, if you are a true believer and do not wholeheartedly believe in the One that you serve, do it now! He will NEVER, I repeat NEVER let His children fall. The world may tell you you’re stupid, you are dumb and foolish, you’ll never make it, but if God has convicted you of something, you better believe it, because He WILL make it come to pass. Let there be no doubts. Let my life be a shining example to yours that God is a God of His Word. That if you let Him, and if you obey Him, He will do far exceedingly abundant of what you could ever fathom. He accomplished more than my wildest dreams!

Today, I am completely self-sufficient. I am not on welfare, not even food stamps, no WIC, nothing. I stand on my own two feet placed strongly on a rock given by Jesus Christ and whole-hearted determination toward following Him. I have a lot to be thankful for, but the thing I am most thankful for is you. Listen carefully. I KNOW that everything I’ve been through in my life was sovereignly willed to happen by God for my good and His, but also yours. I went through everything I’ve been through, so that I can stand here to tell you…

It’s possible. With God…ALL things are possible!

There is no greater message I could ever tell you, than that. To give you hope.

Not one person I knew believed in my dream. Maybe it was crazy, but here's how I made it happen.

What is your huge dream? What prevents you from going after it? 

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    • Glad I can be used by God to be an inspiration. It was not an easy road to get here, let me tell you. I wouldn’t have chosen it, but I see God’s hand all throughout and know one of the reasons He allowed it. I’m honored to be used by Him. 🙂

  1. Congratulations Sarah! That is so inspiring and I am so encouraged reading to your story and the passion you have for sharing it with others. I am so thankful that as women we live in a day and age where there are so many options to earn an income from home, either to fully support your family like you do, or just to provide a small blessing to your husband like me. Again, thanks for sharing your story! 🙂

  2. WOW! What a powerful message! Thank you so much for being so transparent. Your post has given me HOPE that God will indeed bring my BIG prayer to fulfillment. Now, I just the PATIENCE to wait for him to work it out LOL!

  3. I am so glad I came across your blog. It has been a year and a half since I left my full time job to work at home and I faced the same negativity – except for my brother who was very supportive. I have been raising my niece for the past seven years – I am now her mother and she is my daughter. She needs extra time from me to overcome some things and working full time isn’t a good option for her. Working from home hasn’t produced great income but I’m managing. Even thinking of writing a book on it! Thank you and thank God for letting me find you.

  4. I love this, Sarah! I was lucky to have the support from my family. My Dad in particular always makes me feel like I’m capable of anything, which is amazing. But I’ve also had several people ask me when I’m going to get a real job. Someone actually asked me that about a month ago, they said “are you going to go get a job or do just plan on sitting around the house all day.” It was so hard to hold my tongue!

    What most people don’t realize is that there’s more potential to earn money online than there is by working a day job, at least for me. And that this IS hard work.

    Congrats to you. I love your blog and you’re so inspiring!

    • Thank you. Yes, I agree. In our day and age, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to work online. For me, I had a highly successful career in banking, went to college, etc. so many don’t get why I’d ‘throw it all away’ to do what I do, but I love being home with my kids and it takes a lot of sacrifice to do that. You’re right, it is hard work, but my strength comes from God and I know this is His plan for me. I’m so glad you’re able to stay home as well. As a single mom, that’s fantastic Alexa!

  5. I don’t know if this is possible, but I hope you have an opportunity to let that judge know how far you’ve come since you stood in his courtroom!

    • Probably not, but I did have the opportunity to tell one of my lawyers. 🙂 I am incredibly thankful I took a chance. I think to myself, what chance can I take today that my next-year-self will thank me for. lol.

  6. Sarah, this is an inspiring story to what God can do and how He rushes to our side when we step out in TRUST. She who trusts in Him will not be disappointed. I just love that! Thank you for sharing your story and igniting faith in others. God bless, AJ

  7. Very powerful message! Love seeing you not only chase your dreams, but catch up to them!

    I’ve had both experiences — people not believing in me, and times when others saw strength in me that I didn’t feel. When I hit low points, I try to remember those who have told me, “You are stronger than you think.” And, of course, resting on God’s grace.

    Keep being lovely, inspiring YOU! 🙂

  8. It’s absolutely crazy how just moments before reading this post I had a wave of doubt fall over me. At the moment I’m working full time at a job I can’t stand and barely making it as a single mom of one, but pushing to establish my business as a doula with plans to leave my ft job and work from home by this time next year. I literally just moments ago “can I really do this? Am I sure?” And all of a sudden there you are in my inbox with this wonderful post. THANK YOU! exactly what I needed to read. Sometimes the biggest doubter is our own self.

  9. Thank you, Sarah. This post was so inspirational, I’m crying…good tears. I’ve recently enrolled in real estate courses, and I’m planning to transition from another career path. I’m nervous about the transition time when bills still must be paid. This is timely. I know with God’s help, as a believer, he will help me transition smoothly. He always does.

  10. God is AWESOME! I love seeing him work and what a beautiful story of living by faith and following Him. So grateful for the way He is providing for you.

  11. I believe in the Lord with my whole heart and soul as well and only want to do His will. My love and understanding of the lord is so strong that i hold myself back from literally praising him in the streets. I only want for my children to be strong and i know that i should not be foolish and wait on him. Also it’s not a bad reminder to know that we should know what the Lord is telling us. The Lord does not fool us when he is telling us what is right, so please ladies and gents if you feel you have discounted Him, please humble yourself and be innocent and sit back and ask for His help and listen to Him because the God Himself is talking to you! Thank you so much Ms. Titus for your testimony and God bless.

  12. Your blog bas inspired me much! I am a stay at home mom now when I never thought I would be! What an amazing testimony to the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Blessings,Katie

    • Ahh, thank you Katie. It’s good to hear you are a stay at home mom. I gotta say that whenever I hear of a woman staying home with their little ones, my heart JUMPS with joy! 🙂