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40+ Things To Sell Right Now to Make Money

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are stuck for ideas of things to sell and you need to make money right away.

Perhaps you need to make rent money and it’s the 29th of the month.

Perhaps there’s a birthday party you’ve been invited to and you can’t just show up empty handed, but your bank account just gasped for air…there’s nothing left in there.

Whatever the reason may be that you need money right away, please know that I’ve been there (several years ago, I was homeless and within one year of blogging, I was making $10,000/month!) and that I’m praying for you on your journey as well!

Whatever the reason that you need money right away, you don't have to sell your blood. There are tons of other things to sell and plenty to do. Take it from a single stay at home mom who's been making money from home for 17 years!!! Here are 40 things to sell right now to make money.

Several years ago, I was homeless. It’s too painful to go into details, but the jist of it is that my husband abandoned us and I had been a stay-at-home-mom all my kids lives. He took my debit card and left me with no gas while I called the church to help me get out of the physically abusive situation.

I’d go on to place a restraining order on him, he’d break it several times and I’d stand there to watch the most horrific sight I’ve ever seen in my life. Him thrown against the back of his car, handcuffed, and put in the back of a police car in the parking lot of Walmart…yet another reason I hate that store.

Sometimes, life throws tomatoes at you, I get it. Please know this, it can only get better from where you’re at now. You’re already at the bottom, feeling like you can’t go any lower. The truth is that you can’t. It only goes up from here! So be encouraged!!!

Whether it’s using your time or some creative tangible goods, here are 40 things to sell right now to make money…

40+ Things To Sell Right Now to Make Money

  1. Your kids old toys and clothes/shoes that no longer fit them
  2. Things around the house that you no longer need
  3. Books / DVD’s you have that you never watch or read. You can easily make quick money on eBay or Half.com
  4. Recycle your old phone you never use – here’s Amazon’s trade in program.
  5. Clothes you can’t fit into anymore
  6. Photos that you’ve taken – istockphoto and Dreamstime are good places to start
  7. Your ideas and unique perspective of brands in surveys – My favorite 25 companies that I used to make money for over a decade are here.
  8. Your crafts (I used to make Plastic Canvas crafts out of yarn and plastic canvas and sell them)
  9. Your collectibles you have somewhere out in storage 
  10. Your couponing stock
  11. Take surveys online
  12. Things in your storage unit – seriously clean it out, sell the items and stop paying to store stuff you don’t need
  13. Babysit friends kids
  14. Mow a lawn
  15. Walk a neighbor’s dog
  16. Clean someone’s house
  17. Your skills – Fiverr, UpWork (formerly Odesk), Elance are all great places to sell your skills
  18. Tutoring kids in school
  19. Do virtual assistant work
  20. Handcrafted items on Etsy
  21. Write articles – make money selling your articles on Examiner.com
  22. Resell a domain name or create a website and then sell it
  23. Be a workout buddy with someone trying to get in a habit of exercising
  24. Shovel Snow
  25. Help someone move in or out (you can get around $25/hour). Offer your services on social media and to friends.
  26. Wash cars 
  27. Outdoor patio furniture or outdoor kids toys / bikes they no longer use
  28. Your baking. You and your kids could make cookies to sell around your neighborhood
  29. Become a taxi and drive friends around or delivery groceries to house-bound people
  30. Test out websites for money. Here’s a list of 11 sites that will pay you to do so.
  31. Teach a class – chances are there’s SOMETHING that you can teach someone else that they’d be willing to pay to learn.
  32. Christmas items you no longer need
  33. Musical instruments
  34. Outside furniture – things like a grill or patio set
  35. Shoes or purses that are just collecting dust
  36. That formal dress you’ll never wear again
  37. Return your past purchases that you don’t want that you haven’t used
  38. Recycle scrap metal, an appliance like a stove, fridge, or car
  39. Recycle your cans and glass
  40. Gifts that you didn’t like and won’t use
  41. Your coin collection
  42. Artwork you have in your home
  43. Sporting equipment to Play It Again Sports
  44. Create a course on Udemy
  45. Pick up free things on Craigslist and resell them back on Craigslist

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Whatever the reason that you need money right away, you don't have to sell your blood. There are tons of other things to sell and plenty to do. Take it from a single stay at home mom who's been making money from home for 17 years!!! Here are 40 things to sell right now to make money.

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  1. Those are good ideas but I don’t know how to sell on ebay, how to price things, how to ship or even know what sells. I tried once to sell on ebay but it seemed too complicated; I don’t have much free time. Do you have any tips?

  2. Thanks for the list. My husband and I were talking today about selling on ebay, so finding you was perfect timing. We are not young but we are hoping to change our lives.

  3. So Ive had three lifetimes and I’m only 39. 😉
    I have so many great stories. Funny mainly, I try to spin all the horror into comedy. but I don’t want to be known. can i become a successful blogger without ever being discovered?? More to the point, my life now and people in it know nothing of my past; but there’s so much to tell!!!!!
    I’ve been thinking about this for years. I want to do it, but I’m scared. what do I do. cause obviously I wanna be successful and make money. Help.

    • I think that you could start a blog and use a pen name and keep some anonymity, however, eventually, if you want to make money, you need to show who you are completely for many reasons. One is that it builds trust. You need to be your readers friend. You can’t do that if you’re hiding. I had the same problem when I first started blogging. I wanted to hide the fact that I am a single mom, for security reasons. Eventually, it got to a point where I couldn’t hide anymore, and I ended up getting MORE traffic and publicity because of it. It’s not normal that a single mom could do all I’ve done (through Christ’s help, I assure you). It’s what makes me unique. I was running from the very thing that made my blog a success. Just something to consider. 🙂

    • Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t add simpler things because I feel like a lot of the other lists out there are focusing on simple and as an eBay seller of 18+ years, my goal is to get people to think outside of the box and realize they have more things to sell than just the basic stuff. 🙂

  4. I appreciate your brutal honesty. I too have a story, I won’t post it here, but you can email me if you’d like to hear it. I’m trying to get my own site going to make money to help my family. If you’ve got any other ideas I would love to hear them.