In An Effort to Drink More Water, I Gained More Weight!

A year and a half ago, I did something really drastic. I gave up all soda. It’s really bad for our bodies, the health of our teeth, and especially our digestive tracks. My dentist told me that on an alkaline scale, it was really close to pure acid. That you could pour it on your engine to clean it and eat away the debris. He asked me, now why do you want to put that in your body? It really got me thinking, I don’t want that in my body!

So, in an effort to drink more water, and hating the taste of pure water, I started using the liquid water flavor enhancers. I thought to myself, “well, that’s better than soda. Not as good as straight water, but I’ll work my way up to plain water.”

A year later, I had gained over 20 pounds (!!!) and had not ever worked my way up to plain water. I had gotten OFF soda, was drinking more water…so it totally stumped me as to why I was gaining weight. I didn’t change anything else in my lifestyle. I didn’t eat a lot more or anything. Just the same.

One day, a nurse friend of mine forwarded me an article about how drinking the flavorings you put in your water makes you gain weight! I was floored. Now, don’t quote me on the lagistics of it all. I’m no doctor. But basically, your body cannot tell the difference between the sweet taste of the flavorings and real sugar. Since it’s not real sugar, but your body doesn’t know it, it processes it like sugar. And your body just LOVES to hold onto sugar. This also causes you to become very toxic and in desperate need of a cleanse. So, while your body is storing all of that guck, you’re gaining weight. It also will not decrease your sugar cravings in the least bit. So, you crave sugar, thus making it even harder to lose weight.

I’ll be honest, I hate the taste of water, but after hearing that, I have drastically cut down the amount of flavoring I drink. I drink a LOT more green tea now with alcohol free pure stevia, and when I do drink the flavored water, I just put a touch in there. It is a journey, and I know that, and each day, it gets better. In that time frame, I have lost some of the weight that I had gained, and am on track to keep losing.

So, my advice to you today, is to stay clear of that nasty water flavorings as a regular drink substitute. Currently, I am looking for some natural and pure sweeteners I can add to my water and will keep you updated. :) If you have any tips for me and others, I’d LOVE to hear them!

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